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Hmmm... no pain...

I was pleasantly surprised to sleep like the proverbial dead last night. In fact, I woke up a tiny bit late (oops). However, I did wake up feeling great this morning. I may need to do the working out stuff earlier in the evening in order to avoid being a bit amped up right before bed though. It's been a while since I could seriously work out really late at night and I'm remembering some of it's drawbacks (in college it wasn't an issue since I was often night shifted anyways)

I think working out around 8 or 9 (at the latest) should leave me ready for bed at a reasonable time. I might also consider working out in the AM, before work, but I have my doubts about doing that ;).

Anyways. time to play some more telephone tag and continue waiting for work stuff to be sorted out.


i woke up late this morning, too. for the past few weeks, i've been sleeping whenever i wanted and still got up at a reasonable time (for me this is just before 9 am) but not today. guess i'll be turning in a little early ;)

i do like sleeping in though!
I can usually get up at a "reasonable" hour since I just can't sleep more than 6-7 hours at a stretch (anymore than that and I wake up feeling horrible), but my dilema comes in that the earlier I get up, the easier it is to do some things (like drive to work). Invariably my morning consists of me hitting the snooze button until I've snoozed late enough that what I need to get done is more important than sleeping a little more.

Turning in early is a good thing. I've just never really been able to to it consistently :)