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A fitting end to an odd week...

Oh, have to post about the surreal end to my week.

As you all know this has been... an interesting week. The jury is still out as to whether or not it was good or bad interesting...

I did house stuff during the day and eventually ended up heading to the mega-ginormous-chinese-buffet (which always seems play an asian influenced instrumental version of House of the Rising Sun while we're there) with Dave. After the mega-ginormous meal, we headed to Wal-Mart (because we're just cool like that yo, and Wal-Mart is like the place to be on a Saturday night.. yo).

Anyways, we're driving along discussing writing stuff, and as we turn onto Mesa, I look to my right and see an old, white, 50s pick-up. As I'm talking, I look a little closer and...

"Well, you see the fatal flaw is that...THERE'S A MIME!"

That's right. A mime is driving the pick-up. Not only that, but the guy has just gone through the Burger King drive-through (?...!). Dave's response is to go "Really? Where!" and nearly slam on the brakes (in the middle of traffic) in order to let the pick-up catch up to us so that he can see the mime.

Unfortunately traffic doesn't cooperate and we end up speeding up a bit and laughing about this like a couple of hyenas on nitrous. I thought that was the end, but no. As luck would have it, the mime catches up to us at which point Dave's reaction is "Dude, it is a mime!" which of course produces a renewed fit of maniacal giggling from both of us. Since the light we were at was a bit long, we start talking about how I have to start carrying around my camera and I start thinking that if I had it, I'd probably be leaning out of the truck taking a few pictures of the mime in his pick-em-up truck. Of course I can't just make the statement, I have to actually lean out of the truck and do an air-camera of how I would be taking pictures.

Just as I do that a lady drives by and does a double take (and keeps staring at us throughout the remainder of the light). Apparently my air-camera motion was so convincing that she thought I took a picture of her as she drove by. Dave suggests that she's wondering what's going on... "Well, she should look over there, it's a mime!".

Once traffic starts moving I look over and sure enough, the mime is sitting in his truck, with a big funny ass straw hat (with red sparkles), drinking out of a big Burger King cup and just cruising along without a care in the world.

Surreal just doesn't do justice to how odd the whole situation was. I mean, come on it's a Mime!

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