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To pluck or not to pluck....

So I've been pondering this for a few days now. What is it about grey hairs that people find "bad" (aside from the obvious "you're getting older" thing) or objectionable?

In the last month no less than 5 seperate friends have a) noticed that I have a few grey hairs in my goatee and b) suggested that I pluck them. I've asked them why and no one has actually had a good response. I mean I'm not offended or anything, it just seems odd that the grey hairs are drawing so much attention lately (when I noticed them quite a few months ago).

I checked with other family members and figured out that this is apparently fairly normal in my family. Facial hair goes white/gray fairly steadily from mid 20s on, but head hair grays extremely slowly. My dad, the oldest data point, still has a decent bit of black hair (but a very white beard) in his mid-60s and so far all my siblings seem to be going along the same way.

Ummm... yeah, totally meaningless post, but it's a question that's been on my mind lately. I mean, I always thought a smattering of grey was supposed to make you distinguished looking, and yet the consensus (among my friends) seems to be that grey hairs should be plucked. It problaby doesn't help that my hair is very black and a single grey hair really stands out, but still.

So what's the deal?

PS - I did in fact contemplate plucking one out a couple of days ago (as an experiment) but I determined that it fucking hurts. No, not like "unbearable agony" hurts, but I'd have to pluck 3 hairs right now and look forward to doing it from here on out as new ones appeared... The cummulative pain associated with that seems a bit excessive for an aesthetic point that I don't actually get. However, I may cut the offending hairs very short if I remember to next time I trim the goatee.



Ha! It seems you've finally stumbled into a male version of the grooming habits forced on females. There's generally no societal pressure for you to pluck your eyebrows, shave visible body hair below the neck, or squeeze your feet into positively dangerous shoes but watch out...

Grey hairs! A sign of impending mortality in a youth-obsessed culture! Pluck them out, burn them, hide the evidence!!! You only feel as young as you look!!!!@$#!@!!!

Sigh. I blame the baby boomers for blindly hanging on to youth and making aging less respectable. Enough ranting, I'm going to take a carload of crap to Goodwill.

Re: Ha!

Impending mortality? Yeah, right. Impending mortality comes from signing a mortgage on a house and realizing you'll be in your 50s when you pay it off (or realizing that it's for a longer period of time than you've been alive).

I see your point though. I've always sympathized with women on the whole plucking, shaving, waxing, primping and preening thing. I don't understand it and I'm pretty sure it's actually non-sensical.

Then again I sort of realized something was wacky in the world of beauty when I saw the epi-lady. Remember that torture device? Yeah, let's rotate a spring against your skin and have it yank out all the hairs out... oh wait, it missed a few, nevermind, we'll do a 2nd/3rd/4th time. Ok, all done.


Umm... where was I? Oh right, The grey hair thing. At least as a guy I actually can get away with the whole "dinstinguished" thing... well. ok I may not be all that distinguished looking, but a few random greys aren't going to significanlty affect my overall "look".