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Damn caffeine....

I think I'm going through caffeine withdrawl again. I have had very little caffeine for the last 2 days and my head feels like someone is trying to open it with a jackhammer. I guess its time to go cold turkey with the caffeine again.

No, I'm not excessively health conscious, I just really hate feeling like I don't have an option in things and right now, I don't have an option, if I don't drink something with caffeine, I will be in pain. That's a Bad Thing (tm),

I helped Portia pick up and move the couch into her apartment. Did I mention that it was a sleeper sofa? She didn't either until we got there. Portia also lives up one flight of stairs, so we had to lug the darn couch up a flight of stairs. It actually wasn't so bad, I think Portia had the harder time of it since she is a fairly small person and certainly not into the whole weightlifting thing. After that we rested and talked on the new couch and then went to Uno's for lunch. Hung out a while longer talked about random stuff. It was cool.

Come to think of it, today was actually fairly fun, I'm just a little cranky because of this headache and the associated (mild) withdrawl symptoms. Nothing major of course, but enough to make me not feel like running a marathon etc...


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