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Friday friday friday...

Saw Once upon a time in Mexico. Hit ye olde Chines Buffet. Did the usual bit o hanging out on the porch. Figuring out how to solve the world's problems and establish world peace etc... Nothing too exciting.

Oh right. Having seen the trailer for the new Chainsaw movie (and being a bit out of it), the following title popped into my head:


Scary thing being that I can actually picture how it could work out as a somewhat amusing skit/parody. You know, Leatherface the beautician... Discussing methods for preserving maintaining skin and turning it into leather... errr exfoliating etc... Hair care tips for that cheery "I just killed 20 people and I'm still fresh" look.

Yeah, I was one of those kids that could be entertained by the box a toy came in at least as much as with the toy itself. The trailers were just entirely too amusing (and in several cases probably better and more satisfying than the movies they were advertising).

Anyways, sleep now.


damn dude...and considering that i'm so geek that i got in, grabbed some OJ and came straight to the machine....this post went up fast LOL!
Yeah, but I actually was home :-p