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I'm drawing a _______

I figure at least one person will get that reference since I've previously inflicted it on them.

Feeling odd today (although at this point I'm almost tempted to say that I'm feeling odd in the usual way ;). I officially have the $$$ in my bank account so that I can make reservations for Boston next month. I will probably end up picking arbitrary dates that encompass at least the weekend of Eddie and go from there. I've already made plans (some are tentative and some are carved in stone) with some folks but I'd be psyched to meet up and hang out with folks out East, so if you have suggestions of stuff to do, let me know.

I'm going to burn a new driving CD and call it a night.


Ooo ooo! Come up and see our house and have a visit! :)
So now that I've set dates for the visit, do you have any suggestions on when I could visit you guys and yer loverly abode?
Off the top of my head, saturday evening or sunday anytime might be best because Jared might actually be home rather than working overtime. But I don't actually have anything else planned in that time frame, so whenever is convenient for you would be great. You're also welcome to stay over if you want to come up in the evening and leave the next morning. Though we're only about 45-50 minutes from MIT (without traffic), so it's not like it's such a haul.

I'm also flexible in my work hours (obviously), so if everybody else you see is working regular hours, you can always pick a weekday (except tuesday) and I can probably get free from the office. You wouldn't get to meet Jared, but I'm not sure how many people you're trying to squeeze in...