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Grr... no 'net...

So in case any of you all are wondering why I'm not responding and such on LJ this week, well the 'net is down in the office and I usually multi-task computer stuff and LJ stuff from there. Or I'll be on hold and reading/replying to stuff, etc... Basically if not for LJ and such I tend to get very fidgety sitting at a computer for hours on end (The Neverending Paperwork)

The one bright spot to this is that I discovered the joys of Kolf (i.e. KDE Mini-Golf) and this serves as a nice distraction.

I don't do much LJ at home because I end up far away from the computer doing house stuff. Blah. I've decided to catch up on LJ tonight though, as I've had a long day and I'm not in the mood to do house stuff today.

Posts, comments, and replys coming shortly.

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