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A little story...

No cable at work yet, but I'm at home for a bit grabbing some supplies (with all the construction stuff perpetually going on here I end up having a mini-Home Depot).

So far today I've managed to break my phone (well just the external LCD screen, the phone itself still works and it'll be replaced thanks to ye olde insurance) and have some jerk smack my truck as he was getting into his vehicle (and more importantly while I was sitting in mine). I totally ripped into him and vented a good bit of my frustration (although I did feel a bit guilty after the fact because he looked genuinely worried when he left).

Despite that little episode, the day has been going well and I should have my brand spanking new phone within the next couple of days.

Anyways, I'm going to have lunch and dig up the necessary building materials. Woo-hoo, the excitement just never stops around here ;)


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