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"Impressive... super-hero-like even..."

Damn that was quick.

It took Verizon's insurance people less than 24 hours to get me my new phone. Come to think of it, it took them less than 24 hours from when I broke it to get me the new one (and only about 22 hours since I filed the claim). Cool.

Of course now it has to charge up and I have to wait a while before I can activate it, but oh well. Do batteries count as a part of the phone? I mean I have to return the broken one in ye olde postage paid envelope that came with the new phone, but I'm thinking I'm going to keep the battery from my old phone (along with all the accesories). Worst case scenario I'll just go "oops, sorry I forgot" and send it in later, but only if they ask for it (hey it's a $30 battery which would offset the deductible and I now have a spare)

Anyways. Now I get to go through all the fun of re-loading my ringtones and assorted phone book info. It is at times like this when I really want a PDA/Cell phone type toy.

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