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I discovered one problem with sleeping 38 or so of the last 48 hours.

While doing my usual tossing and turning in bed, I managed to tweak my newest piercings.

Fucking Ow!

Now they are quite grumpy.

I'm going to go watch Good Eats now.



Is it me or is Alton getting too into the tofu? The last couple I've seen, tofu was involved.... EW!
Eh, tonight they did the ground meat -> hamburger, meatloaf episode and this afternoon's episode was the egg/flan episode.

I saw one tofu episode recently and it was a re-run from a while back.

Eh, I'm not a fan of tofu by any means (come on, I'm from TEXAS ;), but considering how many people I know who do the vegitarian thing I figure it's useful to know how to deal with things like tofu. To be super-geeky about it, I think it's important to keep my kitchen kung-fu strong.
i love tofu (can't help it) especially the baked tofu that you can cut up and throw into stirfry or toss into salad... oh and there's the silken soft stuff that you crush into a ginger/sugar syrup and have warm... and i love the fried tofu skin that they sell seasoned with loads of salt, sugar, & spice that's pretty tasty... and of course your normal boring day to day tofu that sucks up seasoning. i can go on but the boy says that 10:30 pm is not too early for bed.

Heh, see, you and your sis were some of the people I was thinking about when I was watching the Tofu episode.

I haven't actually tried any of the recipes yet, but I'm very much curious to try it out one of these days.
that happened to me ALL THE TIME.....its terrible...learn to sleep on your back...its the best thing.
Heh, today I re-discovered one other problem with those piercings. Whacking them with things (like say stuff that you're moving while cleaning) really really really sucks.

I've actually managed to learn to sleep on my side and to just switch from side to side with some sleeping on my back. I kind of miss being able to sleep in any position I like, but eh, the current arrgangement isn't all that bad.
Alton Brown is absolutely fantastic - have you seen the stranded on a desert island one? Too funny.
Honestly, AB has had a huge impact on how comfortable I am in a kitchen. I always felt ok cooking stuff, but now that I've been watching his show for a couple of years now, I'm totally getting to appreciate how much science and finese goes into making Good Eats ;).

Until I started watching his show I felt kind of weird because of how I tend to just experiment with that stuff I'm making (almost always with great results).
You should check out his books "I'm Just Here for the Food" and "Gear For Your Kitchen". He writes just as cool as he talks.

The show is beyond interesting. I have yet to try out many of his recipes or suggestions, but am thinking of getting the books myself and attempting :)