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Would you like fries with that.....

Hmmm so tonight I was feeling anti-social and not quite up to dealing with a trip to the supermarket... All right, I'm almost never in the mood to go to the supermarket early in the day, but we already discussed this in a previous entry. Anyways, I felt like snagging some Taco Hell Chicken Quesadillas... not good food by a long shot, but usually not terrible and most importantly, cheap, and available from the drive-through!

So, I trucked out there and ordered a couple. The total was $4.31 and I paid with a $5 bill, two quarters and a penny. The fella at the window takes the money punches a few keys on the register and proceeds to hand me $0.90..... I look at him funny and he walks away. I flag him down (after about a minute of trying) and explain that I paid $5.51. He says "Yeah, so you get $0.90 back"..... I am Victor's look of utter disbelief... I try again. Me: "If the total is $4.31 and I paid you $5.51, I should get back $1.20"

The register jockey tries to explain to me (in a rather condescending tone no less) that he put in $5.51 into the register and it says that I get $0.90 back. I look at the register and see that he entered $5.21... I point this out to him and he gives me this look of total disgust. Kind of the "Don't you have anything better to do than fight over a freakin' quarter" look.... Oddly enough since I was still waiting for my food I didn't actually have anything better to do besides, it was the principle of the thing at that point.

So Brainiac calls his manager and explains to her what happened. She whips out the desk calculator and says something to him (the window was closed at this point). He looks annoyed and asks for the change back. I give it to him and he gives me a dollar bill and starts to walk away. I again flag him down and point out that he still owes me $0.20. Sheesh, if looks could kill... So he takes out his annoyance on the register smacking it and slamming the cash drawer shut once he gets my 2 dimes and he almost throws them at me along with my quesadillas that someone just handed him. I smile and say "Thank You" check my food and head off.

So what's the moral of this story? If you work at a fast food joint and you can't do simple math, you are not allowed to cop an attitude when someone corrects you. I found it somewhat amusing that both this kid and his manager were giving me the "Why are you bothering us over this?" looks and I'm thinking "Go ahead look at me funny, in 5 minutes I'll be sitting in my house eating halfway decent food and you'll still be working in Taco Hell"

Oh, and yes, I did keep an eye on the guy making my food and didn't see any funny business going on with it. Quite honestly he looked like he was tired and was just trudging along not really caring about the drama going on around him... probably a good attitude to take in a job like that.


Funny, I had about the same experience at Toxic Hell today too. When he took my order, he asked if I wanted hot sauce. I said yes, and mild too. I get to the window, he asks again. Then I requested a receipt (I had separate orders, and I needed it for change distribution). He gave me a disgusted look and said "next time, it will be in the bag". Whatever dude!
I actually worked in Taco Hell the summer before going to college. One of the general policies is, if you're more than $1 off on the register (in either direction) you get something along the lines of a demerit or something (I'm not sure, I was never off by that much).

Reminds me of the one night I did drive-thru. Gods, it was hell, especialy when people would change their orders when they got to the window (which was a PITA because the machine was extremely finiky about letting you change orders once you've figured the total, and I was rather good with the register doing funky special orders). I was surprised when the total in the drawer was a single penny off from what the register had, given the number of times I ended up adding the reorders in my head and giving the new total that way.
Hmmm I did not know that about the demerits at Taco Hell. This would explain part of the pissiness since he was now off $0.30 from what the register said he should be. You'd think his manager could go in and fix a simple mistake like that. The 5 is over the 2 on the keypad, I'm willing to believe that he honestly mistyped it, and I it would be worth his while to try and scam me out of $0.30.

I think that what you did in your situation is cool. You did your job well despite customers making your life difficult. Lately that seems to be a rarity. From what I've seen at most minimum-wage slave jobs, many folks who are stuck in them tend to be somewhat beligerant and pissy about it and I've never really understood why. Well, ok I understand why someone can get beligerant and pissy about their job, but I've never seen that as a useful approach, more often than not if the person tries to be calm and cool about it their job tends to be a lot less painful.

This kid had trouble punching things into the register. I could see he typed the total in wrong, he could see it and yet it was my fault that he had to deal with it. We agreed on the total, we agreed on how much I gave him and yet he couldn't/wouldn't agree with me on what the change would be. I might sound like I got really worked up about this but mostly its just disbelief at how this particular situation worked out... kind of like an arithmatic car accident where you just have to keep looking at the gruesome numerical details :)

errr... I meant to say that I doubt it would be worth his while to try and scam me out of $0.30... apprently I'm getting punished for criticizing someone's math skills by losing my somewhat tenuous grasp of the English language ;)
Its not just Tacosmell. Just about any retail job has a set "off" limit. Wal-Mart was a bit worse, our register came up $0.02 over. We were given "pink slips" which tell us we were off and had to go through the previous days receipts to find where we may have come up wrong. In this case my friend Joseph found 2 pennies on the floor near the register when he was closing it out and figured they'd fallen, so he threw them into the bag. But if you get 3 pink slips in 1 work week or if your pink slip was over $10, you were written up.

of course, in this case, sounds like the guy was just a bit stupid
just a bit stupid?
actually he was mostly just surly and uncooperative.
I quote Leo Getz (Joe Pesci) in "Lethal Weapon 2":

Only if you're Leo Getz