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Would you like fries with that.....

Hmmm so tonight I was feeling anti-social and not quite up to dealing with a trip to the supermarket... All right, I'm almost never in the mood to go to the supermarket early in the day, but we already discussed this in a previous entry. Anyways, I felt like snagging some Taco Hell Chicken Quesadillas... not good food by a long shot, but usually not terrible and most importantly, cheap, and available from the drive-through!

So, I trucked out there and ordered a couple. The total was $4.31 and I paid with a $5 bill, two quarters and a penny. The fella at the window takes the money punches a few keys on the register and proceeds to hand me $0.90..... I look at him funny and he walks away. I flag him down (after about a minute of trying) and explain that I paid $5.51. He says "Yeah, so you get $0.90 back"..... I am Victor's look of utter disbelief... I try again. Me: "If the total is $4.31 and I paid you $5.51, I should get back $1.20"

The register jockey tries to explain to me (in a rather condescending tone no less) that he put in $5.51 into the register and it says that I get $0.90 back. I look at the register and see that he entered $5.21... I point this out to him and he gives me this look of total disgust. Kind of the "Don't you have anything better to do than fight over a freakin' quarter" look.... Oddly enough since I was still waiting for my food I didn't actually have anything better to do besides, it was the principle of the thing at that point.

So Brainiac calls his manager and explains to her what happened. She whips out the desk calculator and says something to him (the window was closed at this point). He looks annoyed and asks for the change back. I give it to him and he gives me a dollar bill and starts to walk away. I again flag him down and point out that he still owes me $0.20. Sheesh, if looks could kill... So he takes out his annoyance on the register smacking it and slamming the cash drawer shut once he gets my 2 dimes and he almost throws them at me along with my quesadillas that someone just handed him. I smile and say "Thank You" check my food and head off.

So what's the moral of this story? If you work at a fast food joint and you can't do simple math, you are not allowed to cop an attitude when someone corrects you. I found it somewhat amusing that both this kid and his manager were giving me the "Why are you bothering us over this?" looks and I'm thinking "Go ahead look at me funny, in 5 minutes I'll be sitting in my house eating halfway decent food and you'll still be working in Taco Hell"

Oh, and yes, I did keep an eye on the guy making my food and didn't see any funny business going on with it. Quite honestly he looked like he was tired and was just trudging along not really caring about the drama going on around him... probably a good attitude to take in a job like that.


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