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Eastward bound...

So, I finally got around to making those reservations for Boston. Barring any unpleasant problems getting through security, the plan officially has me in town early in the evening on Oct 22nd (Wed) until the afternoon of Oct 28th (Tues). I've got plans and (more importantly, tickets ;) to go see Eddie Izzard on Friday the 28th, but aside from that everything else is still very flexible. I'm debating if I want to rent a car for a few days (like maybe over the weekend) so that I can drive and visit folks not actually in Boston more easily, but I figure I'll talk to some of those folks before making up my mind on that.

Anyways, you are all now forewarned so anyone who needs to come up with an emergency reason for being out of the area can plan ahead for that ;). I'd de psyched to meet up with any/all Boston area friends and I'll be in touch with folks to see when visiting / hanging out would be good. Anyone who has specific ideas and/or preferences should let me know. I've never been much for booking every minute of my trips, but there are enough people in the area that I want to hang out with that the week will be reasonably busy (definitely a welcome state of affairs).

So, yeah. Woo-hoo.

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