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A Damn Good (tm) weekend...

So, iridium and Gonj left a few hours ago.

This was an interesting and just Damn Good weekend. Robin and Gonj arrived around 10 and Gonj proceeded to crash since he had just done most of the driving from San Antonio. Robin wanted to eat so we headed out to breakfast. I'm sure you'll be shocked, but we ended up at VI (hitting VI in the day is just weird ;). We talked about our relationship woes and assorted other stuff. I had a really good time just hanging out and talking. I've missed the good old days when we could do that any random day. Unfortunately, when we were ready to leave, Molly wasn't. She had decided to make life interesting by refusing to start.

So I had to call for help and my brother came over with Isabella in tow. I tried to fix the problem, but that proved to be not-do-able so I asked my brother to drop Robin off at my place so she could take a nap while I dealt with getting Molly towed to our shop. This entire ordeal killed a couple of hours, but I spent a while chatting with one of the folks who works VI during the day (i.e. not someone I'd ever seen there before) so it wasn't too bad. The tow truck driver who came to tow Molly was actually the same one that had towed us a few years back. It was actually pretty cool that he remembered me and we ended up talking about accidents and stuff like that. He reminded me of my 6th grade teacher (who had worked for several years as a coroner before becoming a teacher). He had lots of interesteing stories about some of the accidents he's covered over the years. It was really interesting to hear about all the stuff that goes down in town. All things considered, it was actually a pleasant couple of hours. I would have rather been able to do that some other day, but I had a pretty good time talking to folks, despite the car problems.

I finally got car stuff sorted out and borrowed my mom's truck for the weekend. I made it back home and Robin was still napping so the entire towing incident worked out pretty good anyways. She went back to sleep for a while and I kicked back watching a bit of Pitch Black (one of my favorite under-rated movies). She woke up and we finished watching the movie while chatting about a bit more random stuff. Robin decided to clean up and by this time Gonj had woken up so I ended up chatting with him for a while. He's a cool guy, I'm glad he came along with Robin. Eventually Robin and Gonj had managed to cycle through cleaning up and doing computer stuff and we were ready to head out for dinner.

We ended up at the House of Pizza just down the road from my place and we spent a good hour to hour and a half talking about random stuff (including a bit of drooling over a nice, red '66 Mustang in the parking lot) and having dinner. Since neither Robin or Gonj had seen Underworld I took them to go see that and they both seemed to enjoy it. Again, it was very cool being able to geek out a bit about movie stuff with folks who have a different (and interestign) perspectives. After the movie we headed swung out through Scenic Drive and I showed them just how massive this metropolitan area really is (EP isn't all that big, but if you throw in Juarez and the other towns you can see from Scenic Drive (particularly at night) it really is huge).

Since it was after the official closing time for parks, we took off after a little while and headed out to Clicks for some pool. I learned how to play Cutthroat and I became painfully aware of just how rusty I am at pool (although I did legitimately win one game). We played until closing time and then headed back to my place. Since Robin and Gonj had slept a good while during the day we got home and watched Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. After the movie, Robin decided to crash and Gonj and I stayed up talking more about building stuff and the differences between general construction theatre type work. It was really interesting hearing his take on a lot of these things. It was also cool being able to do some hardcore geeking with folks who appreciate that :). I finally called it a night around 5 or 6.

I got up this morning and did computer stuff for a bit until Robin and Gonj woke up. We then headed out to breakfast and ended up having another long meal + discussion. Once we were done, we came back here and after checking on Matilda (Robin's car) she and Gonj took off and headed out to Phoenix and points farther west.

This weekend was really fun. Not because it was particularly exciting or busy, but just because I got to hang out with some cool folks that really reminded me of the social interactions I miss out on living out here. It had also been a few years since I'd seen Robin, so it was cool to spend time talking face to face and re-connecting. Getting to meet Gonj was cool (and I got an invite to go check out Poker Night at his place while I'm up in Boston next month ;). So, anyways, I'm going to run off and watch Carnivale now.


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