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Now this is amusing...

The following was posted to b0st0n and was just too funny/bizarre to not repost for other folks to read...

Gorilla at Franklin Park Zoo escapes


A gorilla that escaped from the Tropical Forest section of the Franklin Park Zoo around 6 p.m. and injured a 2-year-old girl has been heavily sedated with tranquilizer darts in the woods behind White Stadium, but is not yet captured, The Boston Globe is reporting.

The 5-foot, 300-pound adolescent gorilla, Little Joe, is the same gorilla that escaped its section of the Tropical Forest exhibit back in August, but never left the grounds of the exhibit.

Tonight, despite the installation of "hot" wires to keep Little Joe, 11, from escaping again, he managed to get out and leave not just the Tropical Forest exhibit, but the grounds of the zoo. He escaped just as the zoo was closing for the night.

The toddler injured by the gorilla received a gash on her right temple. An 18-year-old who was with the toddler also was hurt. Both were treated at Boston Medical Center, where the toddler is doing well and talking to doctors.

A witness told police she saw the gorilla sitting at a bus stop at Seaver Street and Humboldt Avenue, near the zoo.

Zoo officials have an ambulance standing by to take Little Joe back to the zoo for treatment.


Re: It's always good to laugh.

That's great! I wonder where he was going.

Re: It's always good to laugh.

Who knows, but I still can't get the image of a gorilla sitting at a bus stop out of my head. I really hope someone took a picture of that.

Re: It's always good to laugh.

no bus stop picture, but here's herethe ape</a> shaking hands with Putin :-P

actually, I was looking for this photo too..this is as close as I could find... if you find one, post it!