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Cargo pant happiness...

Well, the highlight of today was finding cargo pants in my size... well ok so I actually found them a couple of sizes big (which is a scary concept), but as the leg length was ok, and I pretty much always use belts, I went ahead and got them. I definitely need to keep an eye out for another few pairs. They'll never replace ye olde blue jean, but they will definitely come in handy on my trip this month.

So yeah, I'm happy, but I fully realize that I'm a bit dorky for how happy I am about finding cargo pants. However, I suspect that many of you with hard to find sizes/dimensions can sympathize. One size most definitely does not fit all :).

Other stuff happened, but I'll ramble about that later. My phone works again though.


LOL! baggy cargo pants... a departure from the skin tight ...eh, I guess folks hadda be there for that one :-P
there's nothing like pants that fit.... and a successful clothes shopping trip!
... and all the pockets are great! i should go shopping.
Comfy pants are definitely Good Things and something which everyone should have.