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Time to experiment...

Earlier today I was feeling a bit blah, but I got some good news (which I will ramble about later) and I decided to treat myself to some Good Eats.

I'm going to try modifying one of Alton Brown's pouch recipes (mostly because I'm a spaz and don't have all the correct ingredients). We'll see how it goes. Wish me luck, I'll be back shortly (assuming there are no kithcen mishaps).

*Update*: The salmon ramen noodle pouch was pretty good. I'd give it an 85%. My own changes to the recipe didn't have an adverse affect, but I misjudged how much liquid to put in it so the noodles weren't quite hydrated enough. Still though, it was damn tasty. I will try to make some more tomorrow and just add in a lot more water/liquid.