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Why do programs insist that you have to have a version of Internet Explorer > 6 installed on your computer? I tried installing a new version of Autocad LT this morning and it insisted that I needed IE > 6. Why?

Since I am a big fan of Autocad, I will install it, but that was an annoying development. There are reasons why I don't have a newer version of IE on my machine (e.g. having to agree to a new EULA from Micro$oft, exposing my system to new security vulnerabilities/features from Micro$oft, etc...) and I don't think drafting software should care what web browser I am running. Grr...


Because the program has features that use IE, and those features need funtionality that's only in IE 6+. So even if it's ACAD features you never use, it needs to have it.
I figured as much, but I still felt the need to whine about it a bit.

After beating IE back and re-configuring Mozilla as my default browser again, I got it installed and after tweaking some config files, the program works fabulously.

Now that I figured out how to use the Design Center, I'm looking forward to doing some drafting this evening (not sure if I should qualify that as work or relaxation ;).