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Der salmon vas very gud

So yeah.

I tried the salmon ramen pouch again tonight and I think I got it about right. I definitely need to experiment with actual ingredients a bit more, but I added enough water to make sure the noodles were happy this time around. Don't get me wrong, it was tasty, but I think a bit of work on ingredients and this could be a very good, very easy, very quick meal.

In addition to playing with ingredients, I also experimented using a microwave safe tupperware container (with a butcher paper cover) to do the actual cooking in and that went well. I'm considering aquiring a small cheap microwave safe container that could have some vent holes added to it in order to avoid having to use butcher paper (which I don't tend to have much of at any given time). Ok, I'll stop geeking about cooking now.

I will say that it was a very filling pseudo gourmet meal that cost less than $4 and took less than 10 minutes to prepare. Not bad... Not bad at all.

In non culinary news, I had to stop on the designs until I can go out to the lots we have and do some measuring to check on setbacks and such. I've discovered that it's surprisingly difficult to design largely square homes Given the size and shape of a couple of the lots almost square homes maximize the available building area while still leaving decent yards, but I may rethink some of the designs in order to allow for future additions instead of maximizing their size from the start. That would make them more affordable, which could be cool. Hmmm stuff to ponder... Ok, I'm just rambling now.... It's late I'm sleepy. Time for bed.


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