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I'm really enjoying the new season of Angel.

I'm particularly curious to see how they explain and deal with the Spike situation and they better keep him around for a good long while. I think that he's definitely what the show needed. Hell, even if he wasn't I'd put up with awkward plots just to have Spike around getting to say his Spike-ly lines in his Spike-ly manner :). The whole ghost angle is interesting and a nice change of pace.

Smallville was interesting. I'm hoping that the whole Lana thing will actually stay put to rest and that we'll start to see more concrete development of the whole Superman theme. Teen angst is fine, but the show had been overdoing it for a while. This was particularly annoying since you knew that he wasn't going end up with either Lana or Chloe in the end. Removing them as romantic interests means that they can focus on more subtle friendship and human interaction stuff.

Anyways, enough babbling about TV shows.

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