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I saw Kill Bill with Dave. It rocked. It was especially amusing seeing it with someone who actually got a fair number of the odd references/jokes. It's right up there with Pulp Fiction. I will whithold my ultimate judgment on just how good it is until I see Volume 2. So far though, fucking wow.

After the movie we hit Best Buy and then we hit ye olde Mega-Chinese Buffet. I picked up the DVD for the Neverwhere Miniseries (if you dig Neil Gaimen, you MUST pick this up, now!). I've decided that I need to hit the Buffet less often. I only go once a week maybe, but I'm thinking it's not such a good idea. From now on I'm going to try and pick non-buffet places. I think I've just seen one too many 500 pound person with 8 overflowing plates squeezing into a booth and properly demonstrating what "All You Can Eat" really means.

We came back here and watched Bend it Like Beckham which was an amusing and good movie. Nothing spectactular, but I've really enjoyed movies like that and The Guru. It's funny how easy it is to appreciate the old-world culture vs modern culture thing whether the families are Indian, Hispanic, or whatever.

After that we hung out chatting for a long while and I got on a tear with stories of my wild and crazy college days (yeesh, I can't believe I did some of that stuff).

All things considered, a very sedate, but fun and entertaining Friday night. Tomorrow, I have some cleaning to do and I'm going to watch the Neverwhere DVDs (which include a commentary by Gaimen himself).

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