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Thoughts on bad ass characters in bad movies...

Last night TBS (the Superstation) had an original movie called Invincible on. It sucked something awful, but it did remind me of why I like Billy Zane when he plays a supernaturally powerful being (remember Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight? that's ok, no one else does ;).

If I were a supernaturally powerful being that had to deal with people, I think I would want to act like he does. He seems to have this perpetually amused look... It reminds me of the look I've seen coming from my friends when they've watched my hamsters running around their cage. Remember, we're talking about being a supernaturally powerful being here. It seems only right that he would be amused by "mere humans" not to mention the fact that if I were to live for many millennia, I would expect that I'd really need to have a sense of humor about things. Heck, I've only been here a quarter of a century and I can see that without finding a lot of humor in the world I'd probably loose what little mind I started out with. I'm really rather tired with the whole "brooding immortal" spin that most stories take.

Quite frankly if living forever is really that bad, I'd expect those brooding immortals would find a way to commit suicide after a while. I know that its a plot device used to explain why someone has a deep-down sadness or seriousness, but that's getting boring. Perhaps that's one reason why I like many of the characters on Buffy. Vamps like Spike, Dru, Darla, etc.. may be evil but they still have fun. They enjoy being undead, you get the impression that they wake up in the evening and actually look forward to the upcoming evening of death and destruction. Ok so doing the evil thing might not be cool, but I think that the whole point to being immortal (since that seems to usually come with some significant drawbacks) would be to have a good time doing it.


Where was I? Oh right, the movie, Invincible. The action sequences were ok and some of the camera work was neat, but on the whole the plot was hideous. It was rushed and poorly worked out and the final end sequence was a strange kumbaya peace and love Christ-like jumble that was just generally disturbing. It felt like someone tried to take western christian values/ideas and give them an eastern philosophical twist/feel. They failed miserably. instead of coming up with something unique and possibly interesting, they ended up with a muddled mess that felt too much like what they drew on without really finding any new ground. The plot could probably be summarized as: "Christ-like figure sees the error of his past ways, finds forgiveness, and leads others to love and peace through kung-fu." Seriously trippy and not necessarily in a good way.

Oh, on the plus side, I did get an amusing phrase from it. Lately, when I catch myself going off on one of my weird philosophical rants, I'll laugh it off by saying "Oops, I've slipped into Zen Master mode." Now though I have "Super Psychic Mojo Master" mode to call on ;). Much more amusing.


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