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purple dragon

London Below...

Well I spent most of the morning watching the Neverwhere DVDs. Neil Gaiman is definitely one of the most entertaining people to listen to. I also have to give him major credit for doing the commentary for all six episodes of the miniseries, that was the deciding factor in my buying it last night and it was so definitely worth it (the producers of the Buffy and Angel DVDs should take note of that... it's not that hard guys). I think this commentary is a good example of why I've pretty much liked everything he's done. He seems to genuinely enjoy telling stories and whether he's telling stories about the Endless or about edible stunt rats used in the miniseries, it's fun listening to him. I dould (and in fact did) listen to him ramble for hours.

So yeah. I'm a very happy geek today.



I picked up the GTA boxset :-) Once ripped, it'll be almost 1 full cd worth of mp3s hehe