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Trapped in customer service hell...

So, I'm stuck on hold right now.

This is by far the most annoying, ass backwards, customer dis-service system I have ever had the displeasure of using.

I'm on my 3rd call to these people. Call #1 ended after I made my way through the maze of pushing 1's 2's and 3's and entering account numbers and I finally reached the promised land (or in this case the "make a payment over the phone" section) only to discover that "*beep* this call cannot be completed as dialed"

Call #2 ended when I made my way to the customer service area and before being put on hold, I heard (you guessed it) "*beep* this call cannot be completed as dialed"

Call #3 I've been on hold for about 25 minutes after basically doing the spastic monkey routine in the automated system until it bounced me to the actual customer service hold queue. To add insult to injury (or at least extreme boredom) the customer service hold music keeps getting interrupted by the annoying automated voice politely suggesting that I press 1 in order to be transferred back to the automated system ("Noooooooooooo!!!!")

*update* Well thanks to my mom not telling me everything that needed to be done on that call I'm calling them yet again but this time I was slick and had to push 2 keys to get dumped into the queue. While 0 does not work with this system, * works like a charm. Of course I'm on hold again....

So far I've been on the phone for just under and hour dealing with what should have been a simple problem. If I ever find out who programmed their phones, I will endeavor to shove the most uncomfortable looking portions of that phone system so far up the offending programmer's ass they'll be able to hear this freaking hold music loud and clear.

*update part 2* Total time spent on the phone was 1 hour 23 minutes.

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