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Movie weekend...

So this weekend involved watching a lot more movies than I normally do (and that's saying something).

I watched:

House of the Dead: Let me put it this way. They make a reference to Romero movies (i.e. Night, Dawn, Day of the Dead) and this movie is right along those lines. There's one fairly entertaining fight scene and I kind of dug the concept of zombies that can move fast and use weapons. I won't say it's good, but it wasn't utter crap (although to be honest it was closer to crap than to good). It's the kind of movie that's actually really fun to watch if you bring along a MST3K frame of mind (oh and don't be surprised if you start rooting for the zombies).

Once Were Warriors: To balance out the vile taste of commercial Hollywood Halloween fodder I picked this up from Best Buy. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. It's a small indie film from New Zealand from the early 90s. The acting is first rate and the film itself is just very well made. I'm not one to often rave about indie films, but this is one I just really love. The commentary on the DVD is also quite interesting.

True Romance: Yes, I watched it again. I picked up the special edition with loads of extra features. I was impressed. Tarantino's commentary is a bit scattered, but it's an interesting take on how he wrote the movie. I listened to a bit of the other commentaries and they were pretty good as well. This DVD is a good example of what a DVD should be like. Tons of interesting special features that help you better appreciate the movie. If you like the movie, this is a good buy.

They Live: Roddy Piper (of old school WWF fame) and aliens that you can only see wearing special sunglasses. What more could you want in a John Carpenter movie? Eh, not a great movie, not a horrible movie. It was cheap enough to be worth buying ;)

It: One of two movies based on Stephen King novels that I really like (the other of course being Christine). It's a good movie for a random slow Saturday or for Halloween. Then again clowns give me the creeps so this movie tends to creep me out more than it probably should ;).

Night of the Living Dead/Kingdom of the Spiders: Less than $6 for both of them at Wally World, I couldn't pass them up. In particular, KotS is a movies I'd only seen a little bit of when I was a little kid (like 5 years old) and I'd always been curious about it. Mystery solved, cheaply.


I thought I was the only one who had seen Once Were Warriors. I love indie films and I get the Independent Flim Channel at home. They play it every once in awhile and I happened to catch it, without really knowing anything about it...

...Blew me away. Really, truly haunted me. I still think it's brillant. Good choice.
Aside from Dave and the people I saw it with originally, you're the only other person I know who has seen it. It's a shame really because it's the kind of movie that I think a lot of people would benefit from seeing. Jake Heke is probably the scariest realistic character I've seen in a movie in a long time. If you get a chance, watch this movie with the commentary on, it's got some good stuff in there.


"I won't say it's good, but it wasn't utter crap"

That's good to know, Brian wanted to see it but we hadn't made it to the theater for it yet.

You HAVE to see Bubba Hotep. Its playing at the Kendall Square theater now, perhaps you can catch it when you're here.

When do you arrive again? Any chance you'll be out at Man Ray on Wednesday (we will, the Cruxshadows are playing). There's also the more social Netgoth Coffee on Thursday night. Also, if you wanted to try and come out and check out our hood, let me know when you were thinking you'd want to do that :)


Re: Movies


I had forgotten about Bubba Hotep. I just checked and it's still playing as of Thursday so at worst I can go catch an early show while everyone is at work :).

Man Ray sounds good. I haven't been in ages and I've missed the place. I'll have to play it by ear though since my flight is scheduled to get in around 6 and I'm not sure what the plan is once I'm actually in town that night (at the very least I should probably get in, drop my stuff and say hit to the friend whose couch I am commandeering).

Netgoth Coffee would be cool to do. I've heard it mentioned several times and I'd like go and socialize a bit. I do want to check out your place, how would someone go about getting there? I'm going to be T'ing it most of the time I'm out there (except for Sat,Sun, and maybe Mon when I have a car) so that would be a factor in what I can do.

If you guys do go see HotD, be sure to go expecting to make fun of it and you should enjoy it. It has lines like:

"I finally discovered the secret of immortality"
"Why did you do that?"
(Well duh)
"To live forever"

Re: Movies

"Netgoth Coffee would be cool to do. I've heard it mentioned several times and I'd like go and socialize a bit."

Well, its T Accessible (in Davis Square on the Red Line at Diesel Cafe). People tend to start showing up around 8:30ish (look for a clump of people in the back near the futons). You can get info on it on the gothicboston.org calendar.

"I do want to check out your place, how would someone go about getting there?"

You could take the commuter rail from either Back Bay or South Station (we're on the Worcester line, the stop is a 2 minute walk from our house) but its a long ride from Boston (about an hour with all the stops) and it costs $4 each way. Getting out via a car would be much easier.

Let me know if and when you want to try and do it . . . I know weekend wise Sunday we'll be around most of the day (I'll be either doing homework or sewing). :)
I dont' think I would have taken "They Live" if it wasn't in widescreen. Though I was watching it and the ending just cuts me up... "What's wrong baby?!" LOL!