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Travel musings...

From today's WotD:

nebbish \NEB-ish\, noun: A weak-willed, timid, or ineffectual person.

I find the fact that this word exists to be highly amusing.

I'm almost ready for the trip (ready being defined as it's almost time to go). I'm getting surprisingly nervous about it. I'm chalking this up to the fact that I haven't actually travelled in about 2.25 years and this time around I'm not going to visit someone in particular, I'm visiting several people and meeting some for the first time (which is a bit of an odd concept).

I have just under a 1Gb of memory for my camera, travel chargers for the Treo, cell phone, and camera... Now I just need to pack (probably tomorrow evening) and figure out who's feeding the critters and how I'm getting to and from the airport. Then I get to go deal with the ever pleasant and friendly airport security folks.


I dare you to bring sex toys for them to find....

Seems like every airport security story I ever hear now involves something nice and kinky....


Do handcuffs count? If so, been there done that, but back in the good old days before the airport security folks took themselves so seriously.
*sigh* mine just involve arguing over stupid things like open orange-juice containers. Bringing sex-toys seems to be a guarantee that my bag won't get searched.
I dunno, knowing you're luck with them of late...

Although the picture of a security agent trying to justify why they're confiscating a dildo while waving it around in the screening area is somewhat amusing.
well, yes, I've had plenty of bad experiences with airport security... but none of them involved having my bag searched when my bag contained sex toys. I would take great glee from embarassing an airport security agent who found one of my dildos or butt-plugs.
Airport security is the one thing that I'm really not looking forward to on my trip. It was annoying enough getting through before. They've never been really evil to me, but they've made my life more difficult than necessary almost every time I've dealt with them.

Airport Security: *waving butt plug around* "And what is this for?"
Snarky Response: "It's a pacifier, feel free to try it out."

What day/times are you leaving/arriving? (Thurs-Tues?)
I'm heading out Weds morning and returning Tues evening.

I had thought about bribing you with food for a ride to and from airport, but I have to be at the airport around 7am weds and I return 8pm ish Tues. Do you think you could help me out with either or both?
both are no problem, but 7am... 1 word: STEAK and this time I won't forget :-P hehahaha j/k

yeah, just let me know what time and it's not a problem
of course, w/ my brain, on the way there, we'll pass by the charbroiler and I'll scream out "Charbroiler" then after many foodmood swings, "VI" will be the final verdict (predictabley) hahaha
Will do. I have enough media cards to take around 900 pictures, so I'm pretty sure I'm covered :).

You should definitely make it out Bahston sometime (personally I think this time of year is the best time to go). If/when I can move away from here, that would probably be my first choice of places to move to.