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T-4h45m and counting...

So, I'm still awake and likely to remain so until I'm comfortably situated in the spacious coach cabin of my flight. For some reason I always end up scheduling fairly early flights on my way out and I always end up not sleeping the night before. Eh, it works for me. Sleeping for the duration of each flight helps make for some remarkably short flights.

My bags are mostly packed. In typical guy fashion I have one small rolling suitcase (with 7 days of clothing) and a half filled backpack. It's amazing how much clothes can compress ;).

I'm not sure how often (or even if) I'll post while I'm away. It's not like I'm travelling to the middle of nowhere, but I don't know how much I'll actually want to be near a computer (shocking, I know). Anyways, I'm sure to have many many many pictures and stories to share in the near future. Now I need to finish dealing with some last minute stuff before I leave.

Ciao... *rides off on scooter*

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