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da vinci dragon

I'm Heeeeeere....

Well, I've made it into Boston safe and sound.

I hung out at snowninja7's house for a bit, contributed one or two amusing lines to ye olde crock and then headed out to wander about a bit.

I will probably head out shortly and see if I run into dancer and tk7602 at the Cruxshadows show, but I'm not sure if it's a bit late or what. I'm suddenly realizing that I'm more tired than I thought I was originally. That's not good seeing as I still need to get myself back to Christie's house before passing out.

Anyways, I'm definitely doing some major reminiscing walking around campus. A lot has happened in the last 10 years or so.


less than 12hrs...you're as bad as Tim :-P
i found the frank gehry building kinda mesmerizing... bewildering, but definitely mesmerizing. are you gonna go to the helmand? pictures of christy's kitchen? i wish i were in boston ;) take lots of pictures! eat lots of baby pumpkin!

Last night

If you made it to Man Ray, I hope you had fun . . . we were lazy and didn't go.

But we WILL be at goffee tonight a Diesel, probably around 9:00ish.

Hope your flight went well :)