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Best laid plans....

So I tend to believe in guerilla travelling, no, not travelling with large hairy apes, but rather, having a general notion of a "plan" and not over scheduling stuff. Seat of the pants as it were. This tends to result in the maximum relaxation and minimum annoyance. Until of course something happens that futzes up stuff you wanted to do.

I had planned on renting a car to go visit folks this weekend. It was starting to look like I was going to need it for less time than I had originally anticipated so I called up the rental place to find out if I could use it for about half the time. It turns out that the reservation was mysteriously MIA (funny that I had a confirmation number and such). What they could do to help me out was rent me one of the cars they had available for the amount of time I needed. The only catch was that they only had the higher priced models available. So instead of $35 a day it was looking more like $70-$90. This did not make me happy at all.

Fortunately my plans were flexible enough that this isn't a total tragedy. Since my reservation didn't exist, I just took down the name of the desk monkey I was talking to and made it clear that if this reservation suddenly was "unlost" they would be very very sorry if they attempted to charge me for not cancelling it. I'll probably still write a pissy letter to their corporate offices complaining about that situation.

This could have been really annoying except that all the people I was going to visit were also coming into town this weekend. I went to goffee @ Diesel last night and I met dancer & tk7602. I had an awesome time hanging out with them and the rest of the goffee crowd. It was definitely one of those evenings that made me miss living in Boston and being able to hang out with interesting folks more often. Next up, plymouth should be in town sometime tomorrow so I hope to catchup with her then. I sent jetgrrl01 email about meeting up with her and J sometime this weekend for food and Bubba Hotep.

Now Christie is making chocolate chip cookies which I must ingest mass quantities of before heading off to meet with benndragon and going to go see Eddie Izzard.

Woo hoo, a fun and exciting weekend shall start soon.


times I am free

saturday night after the eddie izzard show. sunday morning before my flight to vegas. Still no idea where I am staying sunday night. I packed all my things for vegas last night and this morning so I don't *have* to go home. (though I did remember something I forgot to pack it is something I can easily live without). I'll call you tomorrow when I get back in cell signal range. Tonight I am heading up to my mom's place which is distinctly NOT in signal range and I will be there until sometime around 1 or 2 tomorrow.

yeah, not overscheduling is good. blecth.

Re: times I am free

After the Eddie Izzard show sounds good. Calling around 1 or 2 would be perfect. I should be at the 4:45 showing of Bubba Hotep at Kendall tomorrow afternoon, then I think there are plans for dinner and I should be able to lurk around and meet up with you once the show lets out.
Apparently, they can.

Christy pointed out that they might have run out of the small economy cars and were just telling people that they didn't have the reservation in order to avoid having to do free upgrades.

It was with Budget, and I've never had problems with them in the past, but this time I think I'll be writing a rather pissy letter to their corporate office and complaining about this situation. At least it didn't horribly screw up my plans and I still get to see the folks I wanted to see (otherwise I would have been pretty much ready to rip someone a new one).