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So, the big planned event for this trip was meeting up with benndragon and going out for steak and Eddie Izzard and I managed to nearly screw that up.

See, apparently my internal clock is really really really hard wired to the southern part of the mountain time zone. I spent all afternoon thinking: "ok, it's 4/3/2 hours until I need to get ready and head out" but lo and behold I was 2 hours off. So Brynn ended up having to call me because I was already late (at which point I instantly realized what I had done).

Blah, that was very stupid mistake considering I was actually looking at the clock fairly regularly all day. Urgh. I think weird time issues like that were one of the few things that bugged me about living in Boston. Back home, I can tell time very well based on the position of the sun, but out here yeesh. It's cloudier and the sun doesn't go as high so my internal clock is just out of whack during the day. Thus, I always have to be paying attention to the clock (and even then I can screw it up).

Brynn was very cool about it and once that got sorted out she picked me up and we went to go eat at small hole-in-the-wall chinese food place in Davis Sq (it was very good, I'd highly recommend it if I remembered what it was called). After dinner and lots of random cool topics of dicussion, we hopped on the T and headed into Boston to see the show. We got there with a nice bit of time to find our seats and get settled. I did nearly fall over when I stood up at one point (I did manage to save it fairly discretely), but the show started before I was able to hurt myself or anyone else.

The show was fucking awesome. I loved it. A few years ago I remember thinking to myself that I reallly wanted to go see Eddie if he ever performed somewhere that I could get to and I am very glad I did. The show was very much worth it and I greatly enjoyed the company.

So tonight, despite my attack of uber spaciness, was just flat out awesome. I got to hang out with a very cool friend and have some solid and fun conversations, we had good food and we saw a great show. Unfortunately Brynn was feeling sick so we didn't hang out too late, but hopefully she'll be feeling up to catching Bubba Hotep with Becca J and I tomorrow afternoon. This week is reminding me just how much I've missed being able to randomly meet up with lots of cool folks for nifty events.

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