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Simpsons, sickness, birthdays...

Well, I got Season 1 of the Simpsons today. I cashed in some points I had from doing online survey's for Harris Polls and they sent it to me free. Not a bad deal at all.

I'm most definitely still sick. Right now it's not too annoying as I am happilly medicated, but I don't look forward to work (or getting up for it) tomorrow. Almost perfect timing on getting sick though. This is probably a sign of growing up. Once upon a time getting sick on the weekend would have made me grumpy because I lost out on my weekend, now I'm happy that I didn't get really sick during the week and I know I can get some random stuff done inside the house in between bouts of lying in bed feeling cruddy.

It's my mom's birthday today. I'm heading out to the mom's birthday dinner shindig shortly. I'd rather lie here and watch more Simpsons, but at least there will be good food (a clear sign that I'm not that sick is that my appetite is still pretty much intact... as are my college student instincts about free food ;).

All right, I have to get cleaned up and then I'm off.


now I'm happy that I didn't get really sick during the week

hehe...so true. You have an appetite? *envy*