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"Psychos do not explode in sunlight!"

So, it's Halloween, and my exciting evening consisted of watching random Halloween appropriate movies and a hot date with a bottle of Nyquil (Mmmmm cherry flavored Nyquil shots) and my couch.

So far this evening I've watched

From Dusk Till Dawn
Ghost Ship
Army of Darkness
Kingdom of the Spiders

I may dig up one more movie to watch before going to bed (for some odd reason I find it important to "get up" and "go to bed" even if that only means changing locations while remaining horizontal and under blankets).


You have good taste in movies ;)

KotS is... hmmm well it's a 70s movie about killer tarantulas somewhere in the southwest US and it's big star is William Shatner so..... Let's just say it was worth the $3 I paid for it ;)