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Nose to the grindstone....

Yup, I'm definitely getting old. I'm still a bit sick today and not once did I seriously consider not coming in to work. Nope, I have several random things to deal with and I disintinctly remember thinking that "I'm not that sick"

So far the highlight of the day has been finding out that I can have up to 20 user pics. Ah, geek joy. Yes, I already put up a few user pics, I need to come up with some new ones though. I'm feeling creative (in that highly specific lj-user-picture kind of way). I also need to get around to redoing the networking in the office and I might as well take a stab at doing some networking in my lair soon.

However, right now I have to run off and do bop around town delivering a few random papers and such. Joy.


Ok, I'm off.

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