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Road hazard

Remember that little road hazard problem I mentioned recently?

I didn't get this dealt with today (i.e. yesterday) but it's on the agenda for tomorrow (i.e. later today).

I was having trouble sleeping tonight. I managed to do a little too much deep thinking about life and whatnot. That's never a good idea right before bed. Fortunately one of the convenient things that I've figured out from having ADD is that Mt. Dew is great for putting me to sleep....

*one 12-oz can later*

Ah, good, I'm unwinding as we speak. I should be totall zonked out in 15 minutes or so. Yeah, I know, my brain has some funky wiring issues going on.


Holy Cow!! O.O
Hole-y tire Batman!
that doesn't look good :(
Just a flesh wound!
Wow.. looks alot like what I did to my bronco with some ice thru the sidewall many many years ago... good luck with it!