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bruce lee

Random, day appropriate, meme...

"If you could get 10 knowledge modules installed in your head instantaneously right now, what would they be?"

(all answers assume highest possible level of knowledge, and ability to perform)

  1. Kendo
  2. Karate (including weapons training)
  3. Fluent French (read, write, speak)
  4. Fluent Japanese (r, w, s)
  5. Fluent Chinese (r, w,x ;)
  6. Auto/Motorcycle Repair (all makes, models, years)
  7. Driving (high speed, defensive, stunt, etc...)
  8. Architecture / Building Design
  9. Leatherworking
  10. Ballroom Dance


1. Good sex...with a woman

2.-9. yadda yadda yadda

10. Emmy winning comedy writing ability
So you want the knowledge module of what good sex with a woman is like? Wouldn't you rather have the one that tells you how/were to find your perfect match? (and how to woo her effectively).
Woo? I don't need no stinking woo! :-P

of course, w/ the new medications, guess what one of the "possible" side-effects is? Yup...again. *sigh* I just can't win