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Geeks Anonymous....

a/k/a ye olde Star Trek Convention.

Truth be told, I've never actually been to one of these things. Ever. Right now, I'm tempted to go just so that I have the perfunctory "geek" pictures of the big name folks.....

*Silly Name* Star Trek Convention

Dude, $40 for both days? $25 per day? Yikes. For some reason I didn't think it would be quite that expensive..... Not that it would kill my budget, but honestly I wouldn't want to be there long enough to make the $25 worth it. I'd be inclined to walk in, look around, see famous people, snap pics, go home. Suddenly I'm not feeling quite so enthusiastic about this. I'm also reminded why I haven't gone to these things in the past....


Should I go?


that's not bad... these cons get pricey. there's one coming up in september 2004 here that's $160 for the weekend.

i'm not a trek person, but if a similar cast of starwars people were put together, i'd be there :)
i second that! not that i know anything about comics, if either convention is fun/good, or whether san diego will be on fire... but then you'll be near my neck of the woods!
are they even allowing cameras? Knowing these "stars", they won't and will be charging $20 for a headshot. Shatner's only gonna be here what, Sunday? Even that...$25 a bit much to see Shatner hehe