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Geeks Anonymous....

a/k/a ye olde Star Trek Convention.

Truth be told, I've never actually been to one of these things. Ever. Right now, I'm tempted to go just so that I have the perfunctory "geek" pictures of the big name folks.....

*Silly Name* Star Trek Convention

Dude, $40 for both days? $25 per day? Yikes. For some reason I didn't think it would be quite that expensive..... Not that it would kill my budget, but honestly I wouldn't want to be there long enough to make the $25 worth it. I'd be inclined to walk in, look around, see famous people, snap pics, go home. Suddenly I'm not feeling quite so enthusiastic about this. I'm also reminded why I haven't gone to these things in the past....


Should I go?


that's not bad... these cons get pricey. there's one coming up in september 2004 here that's $160 for the weekend.

i'm not a trek person, but if a similar cast of starwars people were put together, i'd be there :)