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A change of pace, house ramblings....

I think I'm going to take a stab at painting stuff this weekend.

After I ordered the new mattresses last week, it occurred to me that now would be a great time to paint my bedroom (i.e. before the ginormous bed is in there). Right now the plan is to paint the bedroom, get the new bed (sans head or foot boards), design a set of nifty/spooky wrought iron head/foot board and then have them made for me as finances permit.

Originally, I was jazzed about making it myself, but I came to two realizations, a) I don't have the facilities to properly handle making something headboard sized, b) I know a good wrought iron fabricator who does all of the wrought iron for our projects, assuming that I talk to him right around when we give him a nice big chunk of work, I would imagine that he could throw in my stuff fairly cheaply. This also gives me a nice amount of time to find/make any nifty accent pieces that I want to incorporate into the overall design.

I think that sounds like a good plan.

Now just to figure out what color I should paint the bedroom....


Headboards/footboards suck. Especially if you're tall, or like to sleep with bits and pieces of yourself draped off the head or foot of the bed (or out the window or whatever.) Obviously they do have their... erm... benefits, but those functions can easily be performed by other constructs that do not actually get in the way. If you insist on building yourself one or both, I recommend designing them for space and 'functionality' instead of any concept of looking like a traditional headboard. You can attach lots of things to the frame that don't get in the way.