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Musings on paint...

You know those million monkeys that could churn out the complete works of Shakespeare given a long enough stretch of time?

I suspect that the people who lived here before me hired them to paint the inside of the house... Unfortunately they only gave them a weekend... and they blindfolded them. It's really amazing just how badly painted the inside of this house is.

Amazingly though, these same people were mad geniuses when it came to sticking shit onto the walls. Seriously. I ended up leaving some of the little star decorations because they would come up with plaster if I tried prying them off the walls (I figure I'll paint them white and then hit them with glow-in-the-dark paint so they match the equally well adhered stars on the ceiling).

Anyways, primering is going well, but is still not finished. I will finish tonight though, at this point I'm going over all the little paint mistakes that are all over the place so I can start with solid white walls when I do paint.

I am also happy to report that the cats, the hardwood floor and I remain (mostly) paint free. That is all.

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