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Now for the fun part.

I did in fact finish primering the walls last night. Late last night. I have some pictures of the nearly spotlessly white room (whch will be up once some web stuff gets sorted out).

I should be able to do the painting today (hopefully I will NOT be channeling Jackson Pollack while I do this)

I'm just a little bit concerned about trying to do the cutting in without the use of tape. I've heard that the results are much better if you are just exceedingly careful when you do this, but let's face it, I'm good at a lot of things, but painting within the lines is not one of those things. Still though, I'm really anxious to see the final results....

Now just to kill a little more time at work.


1) use a nice (read: expensive) brush
2) paint a bit on flat wall before cutting in edges to get the paint worked around nicely
3) get paint on one face of the brush (either by dipping that face or wiping the other after a perpendicular dip) so there's less chance of catastrophe.
4) drink caffeine or whatever you need to do to avoid spasmodic twitching

The basic idea: first brush on a thick-ish line of paint to establish the edge line holding the ends of the bristles parallel to the edge you're establishing, then (with refilled brush) assume the same position but pull paint away from the edge making sure not to mar that smooth edge you've created.

I'd suggest trying this on a corner of the room before moving to an actual color-transition edge...

grr argh...

Well experiment # 1 was not a rousing success. I managed to get one corner partially painted but my technique for cutting in is really pathetic.

I was happy with the color (a very dark purple) that I picked (despite some initial "ack, it's too light" when I first painted it on), but I'm somewhat discouraged at how difficult it's been to do cutting-in. I'm currently playing with the idea of using some painters tape in order to mask off the edges of the window borders. I can almost get it right, but invariably I'll move a little wrong and get paint on the wrong part of the edge (and usually just enough to look a little cruddy).
Heh, one would hope, but I'm still having trouble mastering the art of the cut-in.