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Thanksgiving plotting & scheming...

Well planning for Thanksgiving is underway.

It looks like Thanksgiving lunch is happening at my place so that folks can head out to feast with their SO's families for dinner. Eh, I'm not thrilled about the Thanksgiving lunch idea. I really prefer a dinner type thing, but with a large family the whole "Family Gathering" starts to take on D-Day-esque proportions and complexity. Family member A wants to do ____, family member B doesn't like to eat ____, family member C has to leave by _______, family member D can't arrive before _____, the Germans are mobilizing their troops in the north of Franc, etc... etc...

Net result is that we're doing lunch and not dinner. Oh well, my job is to make sure that my house is presentable and that the turkey is done close to noon-ish.

In other news, my new bed (well the mattresses) should be arriving tomorrow. This means I have to finish painting today. I conferred with my folks and they had a possible solution for my cutting-in dilema. Apparently there's a handy dandy tool that one can use if one is too spastic to deal with doing it by hand. We'll see how that works. I may also be onto my third paint scheme (but don't hold me to that).


I was just chatting with a friend about Ministry.
i just lent my strange little cutting in tool to a friend this weekend.

the one i have is a rectangle of plastic. it has a threaded bit for screwing a pole into the back. there's a pad on the front that the paint is applied to. there are small wheels along the top edge. you carefully dip it in the paint, then use the wheels to guide it along the ceiling.

it works pretty well, but you need to be *really* careful about not getting paint on the wheels.
Ack, I HATE those stupid little edger thingies! Sure they make a line, but they lay down paint in a yicky way- not thick enough, and differently textured. And, if you don't have a nice clean edge to butt the little wheels up against, they deal rather poorly. I used them for a while, then realized that a steady hand is just a superior painting tool. They're better than taping, though...

Sorry to hear about your spasms. ;p

Oh yeah, want the recipe for 1-2 hour turkey? Makes life much easier, and provides a greater proportion of crunchy tasty skin.
a paint edger? the guys that redid my room used them. they seem to work great