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Survey Question

I took a break from painting earlier to work on another project that I finally got around to starting.

I come to you with a general question. What are some of the more interesting/obscure fictional book references in sci-fi/horror/fiction? I'm thinking about stuff like "The Necronomicon" which you would recognize from Evil Dead etc... or "How to Serve Man" (anyone remember what that's from?). I'm looking for the titles of books that tend to lead people into trouble (and if possible where the reference is from).

So any other suggestions for a library of legitimately dangerous books?


How to Serve Man is from the Twilight Zone, of course.

we will all be on the menu!


Totally unrelated Comment

Somebody on my friends list posted this, thought you'd get a kick out of it.

Well, these are more strange than dangerous, but they do tend to be eye-catching on a shelf:
Man Eating Bugs
The Zombie Survival Guide