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purple dragon

Ooooo baby...

My mattress set is here. The room is painted (it's not perfect, but it's inifinitely better than it used to be). Now I just need to make the bed, and put the few things that live in the room, back in the room. Yes, I have pictures, yes I will put them up later.

Oh, and I love this mattress set. It's super firm (even I don't sink into it much at all) and it's fucking ginormous. In fact, it's so ginormous that I had to help the delivery guys get it up the stairs (there's only 1 possible way to squeeze the mattress up the bend in the main stairs and they couldn't figure this out). The old mattress set was about 6 years old and it had been with me through 3 moves, so it was definitely time for something new. Mmmmm...

Now I just have to hurry up and get sleepy :)



Almost there...

Taken and ready for the web, I'm just waiting to finish sorting out the new web stuff (finally moved most of my old stuff off of Athena).