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Painting Project #1: Phantom Bedroom

Much thanks to tk7602 who helped me sort out my post-Athena web situation. Now, for some pictures of my latest home improvement escapade...

Now here we have one and two before pictures of my bedroom (eeew, just eeew).

Which has now become my swanky purple* bedroom...

The Entertainment Center

The Other Entertainment Center

Nifty Deco-ish Ceiling Fan

and amazingly enough, we now have, *gasp*

A Window That Opens! (1 down and only 42-ish to go)

and here we have whart happens when a cat gets too nosey...

Purple Cat Butt

So, there you go. The paint job wasn't perfect, and it definitely still needs a few touch-ups throughout, but it's worlds better than it used to be. I suspect that I just have to paint more, even if it feels like I'm making a horrible mess, I can see where my technique for cutting in and rolling went improving as I made my way around the room. I doubt that I will ever feel like a great painter, but I really love how the room turned out. That might be reason enough to keep trudging through.

Together with the new bed, the room is a thousand times more pleasant to spend time in. Whereas before it felt messy and just kind of icky (and pink), it now feels like my room. I forsee many mornings spent lounging in bed ;).

* - In case anyone is curious the paint color is caled phantom and it's from the generic Lowe's color palette


Yowza! Fantastic improvement! Good choice of colors, too ;)

Is the ceiling fan silver or black bladed? It's hard to tell in this shot. Btw, how cool would it be if you painted the ceiling metallic silver?!? Aw yeah.
Then you could get silver metallic sheets... and that would be cool. And go with ALL SORTS of metal stuff.
black w/ dusty highlights?
the pink scared me. don't ever do that again! burn all evidence that that particular shade of pink ever existed please.

Nice pr0n

Pssssst! There's some pussy on your bed!
Wow, it's looking great. I like the colours. We still have quite a way to go with our house renovations. Never looks quite as easy as the renovation shows on telly!
Awesome color! And oh-my-god it's sooooooooooo much better than that pink. Ew. Our weekend project is the living room, which will go from blah white and blah pale tannish trim to a moderate perky yellow with white trim. Well, I might not get to the trim, but at least the walls will be non-blah soon. :)
Very masculine now, and very royal. Feeling like the king of the castle now with all that purple?