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An exciting Saturday consisted of...

  • Getting up early (so as to beat the crowds) to go buy dog food and other assorted stuff I needed
  • Watching about an hour of the Two Towers
  • Working on some of the cleaning I need to do (mostly in the kitchen)
  • Installing a garbage disposal (with my dad's help)
  • Fixing the kitchen faucet (with my dad's help)
  • Not fixing the furnace (this will have to wait until Monday... I may be quite grumpy about this tomorrow)
  • Hitting the Mega-Chines Buffet w/ El Dave
  • Watching another hour of the Two Towers (halfway through)
  • Doing web stuff

Yup, I'm sure folks are truly envious of just how exciting, no how thrilling and exciting my life is.... yeah, right and Arizona has nice ocean-front property.

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