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An exciting Saturday consisted of...

  • Getting up early (so as to beat the crowds) to go buy dog food and other assorted stuff I needed
  • Watching about an hour of the Two Towers
  • Working on some of the cleaning I need to do (mostly in the kitchen)
  • Installing a garbage disposal (with my dad's help)
  • Fixing the kitchen faucet (with my dad's help)
  • Not fixing the furnace (this will have to wait until Monday... I may be quite grumpy about this tomorrow)
  • Hitting the Mega-Chines Buffet w/ El Dave
  • Watching another hour of the Two Towers (halfway through)
  • Doing web stuff

Yup, I'm sure folks are truly envious of just how exciting, no how thrilling and exciting my life is.... yeah, right and Arizona has nice ocean-front property.


some country makes me hum

i like that song.

Re: some country makes me hum

I suspect that the chinese buffets are a function of space. At least around here the ones that you see cropping up a lot lately are the giant ones with maybe a 100-ish different food options and seating for a couple of hundred people. You just don't see that in cities with really expensive property situations.

Truth be told they tend to gross me out a little because you see some people who just really shouldn't be going to the all you can eat buffets, plus you get the kids who are allowed to run around and load up on just the deserts & sweet stuff. We started going to them a bit too often at one point but lately I've been lobbying to avoid them as much as possible.
dude, i was out by 11... I didn't realize how tired I was until I got home
I probably would have crashed early too, but I took a nap during the day.
We are the sloths of the party animal world ;)