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Pretty Building...

El Paso may not have a great many really gorgeous buildings, but it has a few. I was downtown last week and I snapped some fairly nifty shots of this one particular building:

Bassett Tower #0

Bassett Tower #1

It's not the most amazing example of this type of building, but I find it interesting because it's the only high rise of that type in the area. It makes me wonder how it ended up surviving all these years and what the are looked like when it was built.

I need to get in there to take a look at it sometime.


Thanks :)

I'm trying to make myself take the time to do more "real" photography so hopefully there will be more random pictures up in the coming weeks/months (it helps that the new web stuff is easier to upload things to)
nice icon
there seem to be a fair number of that sort of building in Detroit, oddly enough. I mean there are probably more in Boston or NYC overall, but in Detroit I drive through 3 or 4 blocks in downtown where I saw at least half a dozen. I really like that style.
I like it too.

For some reason I just really like building styles from the 20s-30s and I'm pretty sure that's about how old this building is.

And where did you find a pic of Jack with a camera? That is just too damn cool....
I was randomly doing a google image search and he came up.

I'm pretty psyched with it.