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skull & cross bones

Brrrrrrr part deux...

House is still fucking cold

Most of the house is at 48* tonight. My rooms are a bit warmer because I finally broke down and busted out with the electric heater which is actually quite nifty, but also rather impractical (i.e. painfully expensive) to run for a long period of time.

The heating and cooling guy is definitely on my shit list right now.

I'm going to go burrow under a bunch of heavy blankets now.


Tips from the Accident-Prone Handyman

a hint from somebody that's been electracuted and soaked... turn off the gas before you start hehe

btw, your neice come around for the matresses yet?

Re: Tips from the Accident-Prone Handyman

I did turn off the gas, but in order to do this I had to demolish part of the stupid little closet the former occupants had put in next to the furnace ("hey, I have a brilliant idea, let's cover up the shut off valve for the furnace with a half-finished closet")

Needless to say any project that starts with me and a sledgehammer is going to be interesting.