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Dust Bowling...

So one of the things that I kind of dig about living in the desert is the occasionally funky weather we have.

This the view I have from the window next to my bed at about 4:30pm on most days:

and this was the view on Saturday at around 4:30pm:

Since I live maybe a half mile from the Franklin mountains, I normally enjoy a great view of them on one side of the house, and of El Paso on the other. On Saturday, with visibility less than half a mile, neither could be seen. That might look like fog/storm clouds, but it's actually a lot of dust. We had a fairly significant dust/wind storm and that's pretty much the way it looked all day. When the storm finally did die out, winter (such as it is) had officially arrived (and I was grumpilly huddling under blankets with no heat).

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