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Random goofy toy...

This may or may not be a really cool toy, we'll see.

Flexible Mini-Tripod
  • Small, lightweight design
  • Only 4" long, less than 2 oz.
  • Legs are individually adjustable and flexible
  • Holds compact 35mm and digital cameras

I got it by redeeming some points for doing polls for some random company (Harris PollOnline). So it's basically free.

If it works it'll be an awesome addition to my general wandering about town kit. I could see getting a lot of use out of it for night time and other tricky photography. These folks are also the ones that hooked me up with the Simpsons, season 1 on DVD (granted those were the result of like 3-4 years of doing polls with them), so I'm reasonably confident that they aren't foisting total crap on people.


We've got one of those- handy for light use, and they pack well. Especially nice for those delay pics where you run around to get in the picture, but need to set the camera at the proper angle on an imperfect surface. It turns out that they're not so good if you're trying to aim too high (that's all we had when the boy was trying to take pics of the lunar eclipse) but they're definitely quite handy.

Cool, eh?