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Cooking Big Bird (well A big bird)

Well, I have started defrosting ye olde turkey.

It looks like it'll take about 30 minutes / lb which means about 12 hours for this behemoth (23.92 lbs, the biggest damn bird I could find). I started around 6pm so it should be thawed by 6am-ish. Assuming it takes about 4.5-5 hours to cook this monster that will give me time to prep it and throw it in the oven around 7am which will hopefully equal a finished fowl by around noon-ish and we're supposedly going to eat around 1pm. Factoring in some delays etc... I figure I have about 1.5 hours of wiggle room to deal with anything that might come up.

I was originally going to attempt to do the turkey brining and roasting a la Good Eats, but I'm not 100% sure that I could pull it off and I'm not sure how salty it would or would not be (and salt is a health concern for some members of my family... even if the don't admit it). I know it's not supposed to be salty, but when I'm trying out something complicated-ish I prefer to try it out on a small scale before attempting it for the entire family. That's what I did when I tried the standing rib roast a couple of years back, I cooked a small one for P and I and once I knew I could handle that I tackled the big roasts for the entire family.

This year I think I might try the brined turkey as a secondary Christmas item (so if people don't like it there are lots of other things to eat) after trying it out for myself once (and hey then I get lots of leftovers ;)


i know you just changed your webstuff, is your email address the same?

btw, you can also brine a chicken and roast that (cheaper than experimenting on a 23lb turkey hehe). geez...where'd you get that? the turkey farm next to the Springfield nucular power plant? hehe