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purple dragon

Need more drugs....

Its official, I am sick. I just spent 2 hours tossing and turning before I got up again and chugged a bit of Nyquil. I should be sliding to the floor momentarily. This should be a particularly painful Thanksgiving.




I hope you feel better soon. Try to have a good Thanksgiving. Come on AIM sometime, I miss you.

Re: *hug*

Thanks, I needed that :). I've missed you too. Hopefully we can talk more in the not-too-distant future.

Of course, I should have known better: sick friend + well insulated home = the Dave gets sick

haha....yes, woke up feeling a bit congested this morning....but you know my whole thing about going over to watch Enterprise and SU2 there versus here.....cuz at least I'm out ahhha *suuffer*

Poor dear, I hope you feel better! Happy Turkey day!
Think its just coincidence that after the few days you gave up caffeine you got sick? hehehe...It is the opinion of Doc Dave that w/o the caffeine your body was in a weakened state and easily susceptible to illness....Take 2 six-packs of Mountain Dew for intravenously during the night and you should feel better :o) Of course, you could always do what I do and down a carafe and a half of regular coffee, puke and just feel a good kind of jittery for 18 hours hehe